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    2 hours ago

    Rocket Raccoon upon meeting Professor Xavier for the first time:


    Xavier: … don’t.

    Rocket: Yeah, I’m gonna need his wheelchair.

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    2 hours ago

    "Or we could just get it first and improvise!"

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    3 hours ago


    First marvel gave us science bros

    Now they gave us FOREST BROS. rocket and groot forever

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    3 hours ago


    If Avengers 3 consists of Rocket Raccoon and Tony Stark throwing retorts back and forth at each other then I’ll die a happy man. That’s literally all I want to see now.

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    3 hours ago


    help i have so many feelings about a talking tree and raccoon

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    3 hours ago


    I would kill for a scene between Rocket and Tony.

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    4 hours ago

    A Good Team


    Someone had to initiate the Grocket shipping.

    2k word one-shot.

    Fluffy and Smutty.


    (how can you not ship it?)

    i watched the movie and then immediately searched for this

    i'm sorry i'm trash

    but I knew this would happen just from reading the wiki articles about the characters beforehand

    it's like these two were tailor-made to make me cry

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    4 hours ago


    Hello friends, let’s talk about Groot.

    (Image from here)

    A gentle giant who kicks ass with a raccoon buddy? What’s not to love?

    -read on for wild headcanoning about how Groot ‘eats’ and reproduces by the kid who used to read biology textbooks for fun-

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    4 hours ago

    Rocket Raccoon upon meeting Bucky for the first time


    Bucky: …

    Rocket: Yeah, I’m gonna need his arm.

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  10. 1 day ago

    I haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet and I feel like trash for this but…

    Just reading the wikis I’m all about Hyper-Intelligent Mammal-sympathizer Tree Prince Exiles and the Genetic Experiments from Mental Institutions that love them.

    guardians of the galaxy


    rocket raccoon

    hilarious bullshit

    well I think it's hilarious anyway